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Script & Referral Requests = more time for everyone

Script & Referral Requests = more time for everyone

Script & Referral Requests Make time to see more patients that really need to be seen using Healthsite’s Script & Referral Requests! Patients can now easily request and pay for their Script & Referral Requests through your website or app.  The requests are sent to you for your approval.  Use this service to approve and provide standard scripts and referrals. Save time to see more patients that need to be seen whilst creating an easy to use system for your patients.  Not only will you be happy, your patients will be happy!  Nobody likes having to schedule and attend an appointment that could have easily been satisfied through an online request.  Start today and start saving time and money! You set … Read more

Introducing Healthsite Self Check-in!

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new product to our line…Self Check-in! Your patients can now check themselves in via an iPad Kiosk in your waiting room or through your custom Clinic Mobile App!   Healthsite launched their iPad check-in stand at the AAPM in Hobart. It was a huge success as practices are being squeezed financially and need as much help at the front desk as they can get. It is an affordable solution and will allow your staff more time to provide value-adding services for your clinic. The iPad check-in stand allows patients the ability to arrive themselves in your practice management system all by entering in a few key identifiers, name, dob and gender; satisfying the RACGP … Read more

Smart phone app by Healthsite allows patients to dodge germ-ridden waiting rooms

Author – Monique Hore Newspaper – Herald Sun GERMAPHOBES rejoice, your fear of confronting the snot and snivels of the doctor’s waiting rooms could be cured, thanks to a smart phone application. Almost 200 Melbourne clinics have signed up, allowing patients to digitally “check in” when they’re within 50m of a clinic. They can wait in their cars or a nearby cafe until the doctor calls them using an app, designed by Healthsite owners Lachlan and Missy McPherson. “For a patient, they essentially don’t have to touch, talk to or see anyone at the clinic until the doctor can see them,” Mr McPherson said. “Those waiting rooms, I can tell you from first-hand experience, are some of the “germiest” places … Read more

Doctors win: AHPRA backflips on web reviews

THE Medical Board of Australia has yielded to pressure from doctors over confusing advertising and social media rules, promising to change the wording of guidelines relating to unsolicited online testimonials. In a statement issued on Wednesday afternoon, the board said it had decided to change the advertising guidelines to be clearer about the use of testimonials. “The board has decided that the guidelines need to change to make it clearer that practitioners are not responsible for removing (or trying to have removed) unsolicited testimonials published on a website or in social media over which they do not have control,” it stated. Until the change is made, the board said AHPRA would apply the rules as they are outlined in FAQs … Read more


We are very excited to officially launch our new product, online appointments. We have carefully developed and engineered our online booking system to be a leading online booking system in the market today. We asked for client feedback on current products in the market, and what additional features would enhance the usability of online appointments.  We listened and have thus created an amazing system with added features that create an easy to use and efficient system for both the medical centre and it’s patients.   Demo Version To trial our demo version, please click the link below. Try it on your desktop or mobile device! Click here   Some standout features of Healthsite’s online appointments system are: 1. Fully integrated … Read more

Doctors quit NEHTA en masse

The top team of clinical experts behind the billion dollar e-health record system have quit en masse, leaving the Federal Government’s flagship program floundering with virtually no clinical oversight.

Reduce advertising costs

A recent article in the Australian Doctor discusses the importance of practice websites and online services for the healthcare industry. Patient demand is clearly driving the necessity to bring practices up to speed on the web, but offering additional services such as online appointment functionality is fast becoming a very attractive offering for many Australia practices. Interestingly the article sites a medical practice has halved its marketing budget after it had a new website built for their practice. It goes to show that effective use of a practice website can be a valuable tool in communicating with your patients and community at large. Click here to download the article.