Healthsite expanding services from Healthcare Industry to Safety Industry!

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As many of you know, we began web design for healthcare practices services back in 2009. We launch the business at the AAPM Conference, held in Melbourne that year. We only had the one product back then, and we made it our mission to become medical web design experts!

We spent countless hours explaining what a website was (believe it or not!), and the benefits of having a modern, well designed website.

The same still stands true in 2019. Web design has come a long way in 10 years. Technology and best practices have moved forward at a rate of knots. We’re proud to be a trusted provider of medical web design for hundreds of practices throughout Australia.

Whilst we specialise in the best medical web design, we’ve also recently ventured into the world of the safety industry. This is a rapidly growing industry with many private companies popping up and thriving. Some of our valued clients, such as CoR Comply Chain of Responsibility & RollCall School Bus Management Software are making big waves in the industry, and we’re proud to be supporting them in our own small way. Expanding from the health industry to the safety industry has been a natural evolution for Healthsite, with many of the features that make our medical websites so successful transferring naturally across to the safety industry i.e. Modern, accessible, trustworthy and authoritative web design and digital marketing.

Adding to the web design expertise, Healthsite now also offers Digital Marketing expertise. Digital marketing has now become an essential part of any small businesses digital strategy. And helping small medical and safety companies thrive online has quickly become an obsession for us!

If you’re running a healthcare business or a workplace safety company and feel your website needs a sprucing up and refresh, make sure you touch base with our team. Visit our website at Healthsite or Healthsite Creative, or pick up the phone and do it the old school way (03) 9592 8986.

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