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We are very excited to officially launch our new product, online appointments. We have carefully developed and engineered our online booking system to be a leading online booking system in the market today.

We asked for client feedback on current products in the market, and what additional features would enhance the usability of online appointments.  We listened and have thus created an amazing system with added features that create an easy-to-use and efficient system for both the medical centre, and it’s patients.

Demo Version
To trial our demo version on your desktop or mobile device, please contact us.

Some standout features of Healthsite’s online appointments’ system are:

1. Fully integrated to medical software:  Fully integrated means that the appointment software allows the interface with the medical centre software to be automated.  Automated means that the appointments in the medical centre’s system are mirrored onto the online booking page and don’t need to be manually entered or updated and vice versa.

Many current vendors require the medical centres to manually publish appointments and to manually enter appointments made via online bookings.

2. Fully integrate with clinic website:  Don’t make your patients book their online appointment through someone else’s website. With Healthsite’s online appointment system patients book an appointment through the medical centre’s website they are not redirected to a third party website.  All information is housed on the medical centre’s website.

Healthsite is Australia’s only online appointment vendor that offers this feature.  We do not promote commoditising appointments by listing availabilities on a third party listing site, as this undermines the goal of providing continuity of care.

3. Does not require manual admin configuration:  This means that the staff at the medical centre do not have to manually configure each doctor’s availabilities for online appointments.

The number one premise behind online appointments is to create efficiencies and reduce staff workload.  Manual admin configuration negates these benefits.

4. Customisable per GP:  This means that the medical centre can customise many different features of the online booking system per doctor such as; which doctors and times to publish per doctor.

5. Customisable per patient:  This means that the appointment system can be customised to allow new and/or existing patients to book, and appointment length can be set per patient through the use of the patient’s Medicare number.  Certain patients can also be blocked from using online bookings.

Healthsite is currently the only vendor that offers this added feature allowing customisation at the patient level.

6. Shows GP profile when booking:  This feature shows the profile of the doctor being booked so that the patient is able to view the doctors specialities and areas of interest.

Healthsite has added this feature to provide a better service to the medical centre’s patient. This provides the patient with information about the doctor’s specialities and interests along with a photo if available at the time of booking.

7. Available to new/existing patients:  This function allows the practice to determine if they want to make online appointments available to new and/or existing patients.

8. Promo material provided upon installation:  Marketing material is provided to the medical centre to help promote online appointment booking.

9. Billing method: This is how the provider bills the medical centres.

Healthsite has a set monthly fee per practice.  Healthsite has adopted this billing method to increase certainty and enable to medical centre to budget accordingly. Technology is scalable and we believe that charging a practice more due to higher traffic is a moot point and does not make sense.

For further information or to request a live demonstration, please click here and fill in your details for us to contact you back.

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Make your site mobile optimised

At least 65% of all Australians own a smartphone, and 75% use their smartphone once a day to access the internet. Arguably, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the use and reliance on smartphones in day-to-day life of Australian’s will likely have increased beyond those figures – but the data is yet to be compiled. 

With easy access to information at our fingertips, the bottom line is that if your website is not optimised for a great user experienced on mobile, then people will navigate away and look for a website that does provide them with that great user experience. 

In fact, 61% of smartphone users are unlikely to return to a site that they had trouble accessing/viewing from their device. That’s a lot of traffic, leads and potential revenue being missed. 

A mobile optimised website must be a priority.