Major E-Script Announcement + Webinar

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medmate and healthsite webinar


Thursday 8th Oct 6:00pm

Special Guest: Dr Ganesh Naidoo


Thanks to a newly inked deal between Healthsite & Medmate, all Healthsite customers can now have access to e-scripts!

Healthsite has been chosen as the launch partner for Medmate which will give Healthsite customers first access to the new platform.

As part of the launch partnership, Medmate will provide:

  • FREE e-script software setup to all Healthsite customers
  • FREE staff & doctor training to all Healthsite customers

As a first step to provide further details and information on this new partnership, we will be hosting a WEBINAR on October 8th at 6pm.

We hope to attract as many GP’s as possible at the webinar as this will be highly educational on the topic.

Aim of the webinar: Electronic prescriptions for GPs – An introductory training session.

Topics the session will cover:

  • What are they and why are they so important?
  • Learn how eScripts are transforming the way we practice
  • Live training tutorial on how to issue eScripts from practice software
  • Q&A session

Educational resources will be available post-webinar or on request.

Guest Panelist – Dr Ganesh Naidoo – Co-founder & CEO Medmate

Dr Ganesh Naidoo is CEO of Medmate. He is an Australian General Practitioner (FRACGP) passionate about improving the health of all patients through health care innovation. He was the founder and Managing Director of Medicheck Australia, an occupational health and general practice service that was acquired by Fullerton Health and served as Medical Director for Fullerton Health Australia prior to his role with Healius Limited as the National Medical Director of Health & Co. Ganesh is an expert in the electronic prescription space and is helping clinics around the country to train GPs and Practice Managers in how to make the switch to the game changing technology of eScripts.

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