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How our Appointment Reminders & SMS Marketing can help your clinic.

Healthsite offers you a fully integrated appointment reminders system that takes the pressure off your reception staff and ensures your patients never forget an appointment again. 

Our 100% automated system allows practices to easily setup, customise and send their reminders. We also offer an auto top-up system, top-up on invoice or portal allowing PayPal payments and automatic top-up.

Benefits of Healthsite Appointment Reminders

Advantages of Healthsite SMS Marketing

Medical practice marketing has never been easier. Deliver targeted and relevant messages to your patients. Reach your patients via our SMS marketing system to ensure they are aware of important health messages, new clinic locations and services you offer.

  • Deliver targeted and relevant messages directly to your patients smartphones
  • Enable action oriented messages that your patients will love
  • Provide timely and seasonal messages at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods
  • Educate your patients about their health
  • One of the most cost effective medical practice marketing tools available

Deliver targeted and relevant messages directly to your patients’ smartphones

Provide seasonal health and coronavirus messages quickly and easily to your patients

SMS marketing is one of the most cost effective medical practice marketing tools available

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Appointment Reminder

11c Each
  • No minimum purchase
  • Order as many as you like
  • Ensure patients show up for appointments

Why not bundle a complete digital package?

We can offer bundle packages with significant discounts.

Example Bundle 

SMS Marketing

Appointment Reminders

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Online Appointments

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Appointment Reminders & SMS Marketing FAQs

Appointment reminders and marketing messages are delivered via SMS with a 165-character limit. You are able to exceed the 165-character limit however this will incur an extra cost (For every 165-characters it is considered a new message = new charge).

Yes, you can customise the message with any details that are appropriate to your clinic, including links back to your Online Booking system and/or website.

Yes, with any custom message you would like. We also have templates for you to use if you would prefer.

Each message sent is charged from the pre-load balance that you set. Once that balance reaches a low level, a top-up value that you set will be charged.

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