Check In Kiosk & Mobile Check In

How our Self Check In Kiosk can help your clinic.

Eliminating the patient queue = happy patients & happy staff!

Your patients will now be able to check themselves in via our self check in kiosk! Your patients can check themselves in via either your Clinic App or an onsite check in kiosk.


Have it your way
with Flexible Options!

You can use the check-in solutions as a kiosk with a stand in your reception, as a portable ipad at your front desk or even as an option in your clinic app. 

  • Your patients can check themselves in via a ‘Check-in’ button on your Clinic App or at an onsite iPad Kiosk.
  • This automatically marks them as arrived in your practice management system.
  • The Clinic App Check-in is geo & time specific, meaning that your patient has to be within a certain distance and time to be able to check-in for their appointment.
  • Our system uses the standard RACGP required 3 points of identification.
  • Additional features available: Patient Demographic Updater and New Patient Registration. Your patients can check themselves in and update or register their details via the ipad system. The information will automatically sync into your PMS and update or create your patients record…saving you time and money!


Try it Yourself

Try our Medical Check In Solution for yourself and see how easy it is for your patients. 

Test it out with the following details

Name: Mark Tester
Date: 01 01 1990
Gender: Male


With our self check in system you will save valuable time & money.
No Hidden Fees . Full Pricing Transparency

Self Check-In

$ 105 + GST Monthly
  • Dedicated monitoring and support
  • $1200 + GST

    One-time for iPad check-in –

    Including iPad, Branded iPad Kiosk stand, A2 Marketing Poster and Delivery

Get Self Check-In for
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