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Clinical Recalls and Reminders Including Appointment Confirmation, Reminders, and Marketing Messages

Healthsite now offers Clinical Recalls & Reminders, allowing you to save time and money! Better manage your patients’ healthcare needs with our fully integrated recall system.

Patients can book the appointment type with the Doctor they need simply from your Clinical Recalls, and with extensive reporting you can easily track and manage your recalls, saving you time and ensuring that patients receive the care they need.

  • Save money on stamps and staff time
  • Audit trail that’s written back to your PMS
  • Great reporting easily keeps track of open and action rates
  • High action rates being reported!
  • Improve clinics results
  • Better manage patient healthcare needs and follow-ups with clinical recalls & reminders

Advantages of Healthsite Clinical Recalls & Reminders

Deliver targeted and relevant messages directly to your patients’ smartphones

Provide seasonal health and coronavirus messages quickly and easily to your patients

SMS marketing is one of the most cost effective medical practice marketing tools available

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Clinical Recalls & Reminders

Appointment Reminders

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Online Appointments

Clinical Recalls & Reminders FAQs

All messages are sent via SMS with no limitations to message length.

Yes, you can customise the message with any details that are appropriate to your clinic including links back to your Online Booking system and/or website.

Each message type can have different text to ensure your Patients clearly understand the intent of the message received.

Yes you are able to customise messages and run different campaigns targeted to your patients’ demographics. You will be able to see the effectiveness of each campaign.

This system is charged at a single monthly predictable cost with no more to pay for UNLIMITED messages across all message types. This cost is what we consider a single Clinic cost as opposed to the individual Practitioner cost.

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