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How our Clinic App can help your clinic

Imagine having your clinic on an app. Healthsite creates a fully customised Clinic App for your medical practice. Connect with your patients like never before. Your patients will now have an unprecedented connection with your clinic on the device they use the most. With smartphone usage skyrocketing, why not put your clinic in your patients’ hands?

Push Notifications

Your patients can now receive push notifications via your own Clinic App! This free and easy-to-use functionality allows you to reach your App users at any time. Marketing your services is a breeze with push notifications

Apple iTunes & Google Play store

Patients can either be Apple or Android users. They will locate your clinic app and download it straight onto their smartphone. Easy!

Self Check-in functionality

Patients can use our self check-in functionality to easily check themselves in once they arrive at your clinic. They can also update their details quickly and easily directly from your Clinic App.

Easy to book an appointment

Give your patients unprecedented access to your clinics care via your own mobile app to book an appointment.

Advanced contact details

Using the smartphones functionality, your patients can now have a ‘click-to-call’ function, as well as a map that provides directions directly to your clinic.

Easy download

Your clinic app can be seamlessly integrated with your website and easily downloaded by your patients.

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Clinic App

$ 799 + GST one-time fee
  • 24/7 patient access to your app
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Available for iOS and Android

Why not bundle a complete digital package?

We can offer bundle packages with significant discounts.

Example Bundle 

Medical Clinic app displaying doctor appointment portal

Clinic App

Illustration of desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices


Illustration of person holding a mobile phone with confirmation of appointment booking made online

Online Bookings

Clinic App FAQs

Yes – The app will work on Apple phones and phones with the Android operating system (Google Play store)

The app has many features including:

  • Online Bookings
  • Self Check-in
  • Health News
  • Contact Information for your clinic that allows for ease of contact
  • Geo Location (for multiple locations) which helps identify for your customers your nearest clinic to them.

Your app is available for download through both the Apple App and Google Play Store. Download links and Icons are added to your website with promotion materials (waiting room posters and counter top brochures) also available.

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