Online Appointments

How our Online Appointments can help your clinic.

    Online appointments provide your patients with unprecedented access to your doctors. No longer do your patients have to wait until opening time to call and book an appointment.
    Our online appointment system is fully integrated with Best Practice, Zedmed & Pracsoft. This means our system seamlessly connects with your front desk system, allowing patients to book a real-time appointment with your medical practice 24 hours a day.
    With a reduced workload on the front desk, staff can be used in more productive roles that are revenue positive such as assisting nurses with care plans, reviews or patient marketing.

Customisation for your clinic

Your practice has the flexibility to use our appointments system in the way you want. You can choose:

  • Which doctors use the system
  • Times of the day available
  • Appointment duration
  • New and/or existing patients
  • Block certain patients
  • Match colours to your branding

Try it for yourself

Feel free to try our demo to get a feel for how it will work your clinic website. We make it easy for patients to book a doctor appointment online or the first available doctor.

If you want to sign up for online appointments or have more questions about your practices needs, get in touch with us by clicking the button below. 


Full Time Practitioner

$ 52 + GST / per month / full time GP
  • Fully integrates with your PMS
  • 24 /7 access for your patients
  • Frees up reception time

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