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Digital Marketing With Electronic Direct Mail

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Did you know you could achieve a 70% open rate with direct email marketing to your patients? We’ve been implementing digital marketing with direct email campaigns for our healthcare customers for years and getting crazy good results for them! Have you ever wanted to delve into direct emailing and reap the super powers it brings? One thing we know for sure is that your patients …

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Automated Digital Registration

For the past 18 months Healthsite has offered it’s automated digital patient registration product. The digital form allows patients to register themselves as a new patient at the clinic, and once completed the new profile is automatically synced into your database with all fields placed into their spot! We have helped countless customers all but remove their old clipboard and pen registration forms. Over this …

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Time-Based Appointment Type Bookings Now Available!

Appointment types

Exciting right?! Like a kid at Christmas…kind of At Healthsite we’re constantly updating, upgrading and making our products better. My team have told me we should be sharing these updates with the wider Healthsite family…you guys! Our latest update adds to our online booking product with an additional feature that is requested quite a bit. Appointment types can now be configured to be available (or not available) at …

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Automated Clinical Recall & Reminders

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Healthsite & Easy Recalls Australia’s Newest Trusted Automated Clinical Recall & Reminders System We’re thrilled with the uptake and results we’re getting from our clients using our Automated Clinical Recall & Reminders. Here are just some of the benefits our happy clients are getting from using Easy Recalls! Get on board and enjoy the benefits for your clinic. Save money! $2.51…this was the average cost per …

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It’s official: Every business and medical website needs SSL encryption

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It’s official: Every business and medical website needs SSL encryption HTTPS is no longer an option it’s a requirement. For the uninitiated, HTTPS is the first part of the URL that appears in your browser bar when you’re on a website with SSL encryption. And now, your medical website needs SSL encryption. Back in April our website maintenance clients received an email advising their website …

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Are you looking for a trusted Online Medical Appointment Provider?

Are you looking for a trusted medical online booking provider? Healthsite is an online services company dedicated to providing quality & innovative digital technology products to the Healthcare Industry. Our flagship product; Online Appointments is trusted by thousands of GP’s across Australia. At its core Healthsite is a clinics champion; helping drive efficiency, innovation, quality reporting that ultimately allow clients to make better strategic decisions. …

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Patient Privacy – ABC News Release

Dear valued clients, I would like to reference today’s article on the ABC website regarding Health Engine’s use of patient data and potential breach of patient privacy (for reference click here). I want to take this opportunity to reassure you, our clients & partners that Healthsite DO NOT engage in any such activities. We do not engage with 3rd party advertisers, and we most importantly …

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