Healthsite Now A National Partner With AAPM!

Healthsite are excited to announce our latest industry partnership, developed to help practice managers with a common pain point in their roles, Digital Marketing.

We are proud to announce we are officially a AAPM National Partner. The AAPM aligns with Healthsite in creating practice efficiency tools using technology and marketing to save practices costs, time and effort as well as increase revenue to clinics by engaging patients through digital marketing campaigns in your local community.

Our partnership will have a strong education focus to keep AAPM members updated in the ever-changing world of digital marketing and innovative tools that Practice Managers can use. These will be delivered through webinars, networking events, articles, websites, the journal and of course the annual conference…so keep an eye out!

Topics that will be covered are all things digital! Digital marketing and clinic growth will be the main focus but will also touch on the benefits and effective use of digital tools such as online bookings, check in solutions, clinical recalls and reminders, and many more efficiency creating products. Click here to view the full range of digital tools.


Digital marketing can be a daunting and intimidating thing to meddle with. It’s wide and diverse pieces of the puzzle can overwhelm anyone. Therefore, the education topics will be from the ground up. So, those with little or no knowledge of digital marketing, will benefit greatly from listening, reading and watching what Healthsite has to say.

Healthsite is very much a clinics’ advocate who is dedicated to improving the businesses with whom they engage.

AAPM and Healthsite share many things, but none more fundamental than a passion for adding value to the wider healthcare community. Both organisations strongly feel that this partnership will deliver on the promise of educating and enhancing the business operations of healthcare practices throughout Australia.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this new partnership and unique content that we’ll be producing, get in touch with the AAPM and get yourself signed up! If you’re already a AAPM then we look forward to providing you with added value and great tips and tricks.