Healthsite Webinar – The perfect storm of COVID-19: Why are some clinics thriving and some diving?

RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY Register Now Aim of the webinar: Amid the ongoing disruption of the black swan event of COVID-19, medical practices around the country have reported significant drops in face-to-face consultation volume and revenue. It is likely that a significant proportion of the general practice market will not survive. We are excited to … Read more

Telehealth – Phase 5 Update

This morning, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Michael Kidd has confirmed GP’s can now privately bill telehealth consultations.  Key take-away points to note: There was a direction that patients with concession cards, those under 16 and those who were especially vulnerable to COVID-19 would still have to be bulk-billed Vulnerable patients are those who are … Read more

Healthsite launches Telehealth!

Healthsite telehealth services

With Phase 4 of the Federal Governments “COVID-19 MBS Telehealth Item Numbers” being released imminently, it’s with GREAT pleasure I can announce that Healthsite can support any practice with their Telehealth requirements! The solution comes complete with the following: Healthsite’s integrated online booking system, complete with a ‘Telehealth consultation’ appointment type that syncs with your … Read more

COVID-19 Feature Update – Pre-Screen Phase 2 – Adding in Telehealth Option

healthsite covid-19 pre-screening

As the current situation evolves at a rapid pace, so does our update frequency. We’ve developed ‘Phase 2’ of our latest pre-screening work-flow for patients booking online. Phase 2 compliments the pre-screening questions, and has the ability to direct the patient to make a TeleHealth/Phone Consult booking if you wish to offer this service to … Read more

COVID-19 Feature Update – Pre-Screen patients before they book

COVID-19 pre-screening

The entire Healthsite Team have been working extremely hard to ensure we support you in combatting the current environment. Over the weekend we coded a new set of PRE-SCREENING questions that all patients wanting to make an online booking MUST answer. If a patient indicates in their answers they could be at risk, the booking … Read more

Utilising Technology To Minimise COVID-19 Impact At Your Practice

coronavirus healthsite

The WHO has just officially categorised the COVID-19 virus as a pandemic. Reducing the spread of this virus is paramount. We’ve detailed 7 ways you can implement technology to minimise the impact both on your patients and your business! Any COVID-19 vaccine is 18 months plus away so there’s a long way to go! We … Read more

Digital Solutions for 2020 – The Joys & the curse!

Digital Solutions for The Joys the curse banner

So here we are, into the third decade of the 2000’s and we’re still without hover boards or time-travel cars! Technology does however continue to make massive strides and impacts our daily lives on an ever-present fashion. How, for example, would I know how I slept if I didn’t have my Apple Watch telling me … Read more

Quick checklist for choosing the best patient booking software

practice manager

7 Smart health software tips for 2020 Every year, competition between health software providers heats up, with each offering a myriad of different features, payment models, installation time-frames and support services. And with so much choice on the market, it’s no wonder health professionals and practice managers are at a cross-roads when it comes to … Read more

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