Script & Referral Requests = more time for everyone

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Script & Referral Request

Make time to see more patients that really need to be seen using Healthsite’s Script & Referral Request!

Patients can now easily request and pay for their Script & Referral Requests through your website or app.  The requests are sent to you for your approval.  Use this service to approve and provide standard scripts and referrals.

Save time to see more patients that need to be seen whilst creating an easy to use system for your patients.  Not only will you be happy, your patients will be happy!  Nobody likes having to schedule and attend an appointment that could have easily been satisfied through an online request.  Start today and start saving time and money!

  • You set the fee for service
  • You have full rights of approval
  • Easy transfer of money to you
  • Save time
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Reduce phone calls

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