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Top 5 Ways A Great Website Can Help Your Medical Business

Every business needs a great website, but what real-world benefits does a website give your clinic?

Nowadays, we often hear from countless sources that a website is crucial for every business – big or small, but how is having a website going to help medical enterprises thrive in the real world?

Believe it or not, some healthcare professionals are yet to own a website for their business, mainly because they are unsure how it can help their medical practice.

If you own a medical practice that hasn’t taken that step into the digital world, here are five ways having an excellent medical website can help your business flourish.

1. Gain Exposure:

Owning an effective website for your medical practice is a sure way of getting the exposure you need. 

A website can help you reach a larger audience by executing digital marketing strategies like implementing the best SEO practices, or running paid ads. But perhaps most importantly having a website make your business accessible online 24/7 for anyone, anywhere – giving your practice the exposure it requires to grow.

But remember, your website must be functional, user-friendly, and professional before performing any marketing strategies to gain exposure.

2. Communicate Clinic Updates to Patients:

Your medical website will be helpful in relevant information exchange with your patients. 

An effective website will act as an easy way of communication between your medical practice and the information seeker/patient. 

Medical websites that are effectively designed will incorporate all essential details of your business, such as opening hours, contact details, enquiry forms, blogs and any recent updates about your clinic.

3. Improve Credibility and Trust: 

Nowadays, having a website is necessary for any reputable healthcare provider. A website is almost like a second identity for any business in today’s era.

Potential patients would never trust a medical practice with no telephone number or a physical address, nor will they trust a medical business without a professional website. 

Not only do websites allow you to have a robust online presence, but it also allows your medical practice to build credibility and trust. 

To do that, your website must be patient-centric, with no healthcare industry jargon or exaggerated claims, as well as being easily accessible, fast loading, and secure.

4. Find New Patients (through Google):

To promote continued success, every business needs to attract new customers. One of the best ways to make your medical practice more visible and attract new patients is through search engines like Google.

One of the most significant advantages of having a medical website is access to prominent tools like Google Ads. Google Ads allows businesses to reach a larger audience by performing paid online advertising, which is a great way to build awareness and get new patients.

Another great way to build awareness is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO plays a vital role in helping your medical business to appear on the front page of Google by using keywords or phrases with the most traffic.

Performing best SEO practices along with Google Ads will undoubtedly build an effective marketing strategy that will reach potential customers for your medical business.

5. Provide Information About Your Doctors:

73% of people turn to the web to search for relevant health information before they make an appointment with a doctor. 

A medical website with quality healthcare information will capture visitors’ interest in your practice. But for them to make a booking, your website must earn their trust.

Having a directory of your practitioners and staff will promote trust and enhance your credibility to the visitor. Your directory must include the doctors’ qualifications, specialities, experience, biography, and office hours.

You’ll be surprised to see how having a short spiel about your practitioners and staff on your medical website can earn the trust of your website visitors.

There has never been a more important time to invest in a professional website for your medical business

An effective medical website for your practice will undoubtedly help you gain real-world benefits such as acquiring new patients, a robust online presence, enhancing trust and credibility, and conveying information quickly to your patients.

If you have any questions or need help launching a website for your medical business, contact us and find out how we can help.

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Make your site mobile optimised

At least 65% of all Australians own a smartphone, and 75% use their smartphone once a day to access the internet. Arguably, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the use and reliance on smartphones in day-to-day life of Australian’s will likely have increased beyond those figures – but the data is yet to be compiled. 

With easy access to information at our fingertips, the bottom line is that if your website is not optimised for a great user experienced on mobile, then people will navigate away and look for a website that does provide them with that great user experience. 

In fact, 61% of smartphone users are unlikely to return to a site that they had trouble accessing/viewing from their device. That’s a lot of traffic, leads and potential revenue being missed. 

A mobile optimised website must be a priority.